How to use a laser cleaning machine


Laser cleaning machine has the characteristics of non-contact, no thermal effect, no mechanical force on metal surface, no consumables and low processing cost. This machine has been widely used in many industries. So how to use a laser cleaning machine after you buy one? Here are the main steps for your reference. Please always remember that you need to read the operation brochure provided by the manufacturer to understand the precautions and operation instructions. Wear protective glasses and other protective equipment to ensure your safety. And do not look directly at the laser output position with you eyes during the cleaning.


      1. Check the machine parts and make sure nothing is damaged or missing, and no dust or dirt on the machine. Check the power supply of the machine and make sure it is grounded.

      1. After checking the machine, insert the plug into the power socket. Turn on power switch and set parameters on the control panel.

      1. Take out the cleaning gun and open the cover, aim the gun head at the work piece that you need to clean and start your cleaning work.

      1. After the cleaning process, release the gun button, turn off the laser switch, turn off the power, insert the cleaning gun back into the storage box, and then unplug the power plug.

      1. If you encounter any problems during the operation, please seek help from after-sales engineer and do not disassemble the machine by yourself. Unauthorized disassembly and assembly may damage the machine or bring danger to the operator.

    How to maintain a laser cleaning machine?

    During the operation of a laser cleaning machine, the processing materials usually generate a large amount of corrosive dust and smoke. These dust and smoke are deposited on the surface of the guide rail and linear shaft for a long time. If we don’t clean them timely, they will affect the machine’s cleaning accuracy. What’s more, these dust and smoke will form corrosion points on the surface of the guide rail and shorten the machine’s service life. Therefore, to keep the laser cleaning machine work normally, stably and ensure the cleaning quality, we need to maintain the machine timely and regularly. We can follow below tips to maintain the laser cleaning machine.


        1. Clean the machine surface and lubricate the guide rail regularly. Before using the machine, remember to check and clean the machine surface, remove the debris on the table, stopper and guide rail. Lubricate the guide rail timely.

        1. Clean the water chiller regularly. For water cooling mode, clean the water chiller regularly every half a month, drain the internal dirty water and then fill up with fresh pure water. Dirty water will affect the laser output effect, so we need to clean the water chiller regularly.

        1. Clean the reflector and focusing lens. The reflector and focusing lens need to be scrubbed with special cleaning fluids every 6-8 hours. When scrubbing them, use a cotton swab to scrub in a counterclockwise direction from the center to the edge. And be careful not to scratch the lens when you scrub them. In addition, after the cleaning, re-adjust the focal length of the lens.

        1. Clean the exhaust fan and smoke pipe. If there is a large amount of smoke during the cleaning, that means you need to clean the fan and pipe. Remove the fan cover and scrap the fan blades and air channel with thin wood, and then blow off the dust with a high-pressure gun.